Let’s face it, smoking weed hasn't always had the best reputation.... BUT THE TIMES ARE CHANGIN'!! Here at the Fashionkush HQ, we believe cannabis is more than munchies and binging tv (...although sometimes we do that, and that’s ok too!!).

We’re a mom and daughter duo that never says no to a hit or an opportunity to bring a little fashion to our kush. One day, we looked around and only saw weed products that were marketed towards men and that didn’t make sense. As stoner babes ourselves, we craved more products that were as femme and fun as we are. Thus Fashionkush was born.

At Fashionkush, we are dedicated to helping you smoke in style but we refuse to forget how privileged we are to even have this opportunity.

Right now there’s an estimated 40,000 people in jail for weed-related charges. As a brand and as individuals, we promise to never stop calling out marijuana-related injustices and raising awareness for the people that fight to right the wrongs from the unjust war on drugs.

For more information + ways to help, check out the Last Prisoner Project.

& welcome to the successful stoner club, we're honored to have you.